Monday, July 9, 2012

Satayamev jayate

My grand salute to Star Plus and Amir khan for the show which they had started. A show which tells about every thing which is going on in our country and we even don't know about them such as the problems faced by dalits , Female foeticide , Practices carried out by the doctors and etc.
I am having no words for describing this show really awesome.
I have never seen a better TV serial then this one and this is the first time that I am writing about any TV serial as this TV serial had touched my heart.

I think that this TV serial will increase the magnitude of voice of a common man as this TV serial had covered such a good topics about which there were no discussions done before on such a big lever that whole country can see this and which were earlier not taken serious such as the problems regarding the problems faced by the dalits in India etc.
This is one of the reason that why I like this show Amir and Star Plus helping several NGO's for getting donations with the help of their show  via Mobile-phone , SMS etc
When I talk about Amir regarding this show many people say that "what is he doing?"- He is doing all this for money and he is paid crores for hosting the show. Friends I am not against Amir If a man is investing his time then he will definitely think about the money too he too is having a busy schedule. We should ask this questions from ourselves that if we were at the place of him will we host the show for free. We should see the work what he and his team is doing.

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  1. hi friend your site very nice...i'm liked amir khan and Satayamev jayate really good show...



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