Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Results of Poverty in India

Poverty which is the biggest and most wide spread problem of India throws some of its drastic results on India.It make the life of a man miserable in some cases it creates hell on earth for a man.

People don't get proper food to eat
No food to eat
As majority of people in India are labor and as daily wadges earner labor requires a proper amount of food which he don't gets as the amount of money he earn is not appropriate for his diet.And the result of this is that the people who suffers from this and their children suffer from malnutrition.

People can't provide their child proper education
education in India
If a man is not having a proper food to eat then how can he even think of sending his children to school and pay their tuition fee. And the result of this is that their children too have to live life like them as they are not educated and don't get proper jobs.

No proper shelter
mumbai slums
A man who is not having proper food to eat how can he see the dreams of a good house therefore they have to live their life in  a small shelter which is not even proper conditions of living and in some of them their is not even proper roof.

Increase in number of criminals
Increase in number of criminalsIf man is having nothing to eat then he will definitely do something to fill his stomach and as their is a lot of unemployment in India hence they even don't get some work and this results in the increasing the number of robbers in India.

Doing most disgusting jobs
seawage cleaner in India
A man who is not having a single grain to eat can do anything for filling his stomach and for this they even have to do the jobs which are totally against humanity such as picking up the human and animal waste from their hands etc the jobs are really disgusting you even can't imagine if you not viewed them doing such king of works from you eyes.


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