Friday, July 6, 2012

Friends I am corruption and I am every where

This is an autobiography of corruption in India.

Hie Friends I am Corruption and I am every where you people waste your time in searching the patients of corruption every where in India but why don't you realize that I am every where in India.

I am very famous in India every one knows me that who is Corruption in India.

In India an individual can find me approximately anywhere in the country "From a small small office to the chair of a very famous leader or someone else" Do you people know that I am only responsible for the underdeveloped roads near your houses. Due to me only the patients are not treated properly in the government hospitals and me too is only responsible for the price hikes in the India.

I would like to tell you that where-where I am present-
  • Corruption is present in government offices.
  • Corruption is present in government departments.
  • Corruption is present in hospitals.
  • All the IAS , RAS etc officers are the patients of a disease known as corruption in India.
  • Corruption is present in Indian Schools.
  • Corruption is present in "Rashan shops" satteled by the Indian government to help poor people in India.
  • Corruption is present in loksabha , Vidhansabha etc.
  • And this list is endless.
The think I want to tell is that any work influenced by government  is not possible without me as I am present everywhere in India


Have a good day.


  1. gloomy fact but true indeed , sad India is indeed in shambles :) ,nice write up

    1. Thanks yaar. I am proud to be an Indian but I am not proud of a thing that I am living with Indians.

  2. really remarkable post it is!!!
    oh... I think if this situation is remain continued as it is so we all are corrupt, one day just like as political leaders who are corrupt. so prevent corruption from yours side.and see the happy future soon.

    corruption in india



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