Sunday, May 13, 2012

We never takes care of our Mother

This post is the Tribute to every mother and women in the world.

Mother is the only one who can suffer from anything if her children are happy with it without even discussing about that suffering from someone but we people never respect our mothers I want to say our country India which is providing us land for living, food for eating and Shelter for protection and that mother who had given us birth, Developed us and made us a Human being.

And she even doesn't expect something from us god had given this power to a mother only.

Mother carrying babymother India

And what we give them in return of their love & care the answer is nothing. She becomes happy only if we speaks with a voice of love with her.
Her heart is so special that she can forgive us for any mistake even if we say something to her. So don't reacts badly and start arguing with us she do is she use to teach us that what we are doing is wrong.
tears in the eyes of parents

No one in the world can take the place of mother in the world as far my thinking goes on if someone ask me to choose one from God and my mother I would choose is my mother as she is the one who had teach me.
How to-talk ,stand, walk, run, study,eat and lot more things.
She was my first teacher and she is having a very huge amount of respect in my eyes.

No one can take the place of a mother in this world. So the last line is respect your parents.


  1. One more feather on you cap. hats off to you. This post shows the reality. I added your link in to my blog. kindly add mine too

    1. @Latha VI...... will definately do. and I have no problem if you create a back-link on this blog about a good thing.

  2. This thing is very hard to swallow but this is the only reality in 90+5 houses of India.

  3. Wonderful and makes us ponder !! Well done...Keep up the good work!

    1. Every Gal is great. and have a unique importance of their presence.

  4. We should respect our parents. they are like gods.

  5. nice work really inspire me..........

  6. nice work really inspire me..........



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