Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Premisions are to be taken even for keeping fast in doing good of country

Dehi police department not allowing ann shann
Delhi police not allowing people to keep fast for the welfare of India.

What had happen to the government of our country we have to take permissions even for keeping fast for the country we even don't have right that we can keep fast on our own will even if it is for the welfare of the country. The government of Delhi had instructed Delhi police to not allow people and Anna to keep fast ("sit on Ann Shann") because they don't want that the people to be united. As if whole India will unite then it will become the problem for the Indian government and Leaders. And when Delhi government was asked for this they had replied that they are not allowing people and Anna to sit for "Ann shann" because they are worried about Anna that if something would happen to Anna then who will run the movement for "Jan-Lokpaal" bill.

I would request to Indian government that STOP making fool to Indians are focus on developing the country.

Doing good for country is not a crime in most of the countries but India is class apart as in India only love for nation is a crime and the people who love India by heart are considered as criminals.


  1. Humm congress ne annshann se mana kar diya tha

  2. saara kamaal corruption ka hai

  3. All because of corrupted Indian government.

  4. government don't want to remove corruption from India that's why only they are not allowing such movements.



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