Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No place for hiding head in rain

See how much different are the Indian different communities different from each other now a days is a season going of rains and I have found that actually rain is not rain for everyone we enjoy the rain but for manies it is a punishment for them.

I want to say is that the one is enjoying the rain but in the same country other is not even having a roof in his house so he can protect his family from the nature.
no place for hiding head in rain

Farmers consider rain as the gift of good for their fields and better harvesting of their grains and etc.

We people love rain because we can dance in it we can enjoy in it and it provides us a little relief from the heat of Sun.
But at the dame place the people who are not having proper houses are considering it as a a big problem for them as the rain comes the roof of their house are not able to stop the rain water and the water starts falling from the roof and it destroy all their things which they have saved for their survival which includes grains, crops etc..

via this post I mean to say is that in India the poors even can't enjoy the gifts of Nature and God.


  1. Humm. you had thrown a light on a really different thing which we generally don't think about.

  2. Condition is really drastic.

  3. Nice article and this is a true reality



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