Sunday, May 27, 2012

Indian tourism department VS dubai tourism department

india tourism department vs dubai tourism department
India Tourism department VS Dubai Police department
This is the huge amount of difference between India and Dubai. No words the pic speaks better and this don't need any evidence every one of us knows about this. as you can see in the above picture that what does Dubai tourism department does for attracting the tourists to Dubai and what is India tourist department doing for attracting the tourists for India.Our tourist department is not even working on the small things they are not even taking care for the problems which the tourists from foreign countries face in India. The work what tourist department is doing can be viewed in the pic above as you can see the difference of quality between the two showers.

This is also true that government is spending a lot of money in attracting tourists in India but the tourist department of our country is not so good due to corruption in India the amount which government pays to the Tourism department of India for creating India an attraction for tourists some people of Tourism depart of India use to spent that money on them self they them self becomes tourist for other countries.


  1. the difference is really very huge it can be een easliy

  2. Hummm dubai very advanced then us.

  3. This is our India... Guys only we(youth) can help our nation

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  4. The picture itself explains better.....

  5. the dirtiness vs cleanliness or the rural vs urban comparation dne btwn the two pics is smehw show the need of making peoples(youths) to work for the real improvement...

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