Saturday, May 5, 2012

Every school in India promisses that thery are providing best education at affordable prices

but the reality is miles away from the promises very few of the schools are such which are really providing the quality education.

This is a bitter truth but we have to accept many schools now a days promises that they are providing best education in very low or moderate fee but is the fee they charging is a moderate one and are they really providing a quality education.

One of my friends school too promises that they are providing the quality education in affordable fee but as per I know my school they use to charge a fess in the starting of session which is called annual fee which is approx Rs.4000 and their tution fee for class 12th is Rs.4100 but this fee justify them not at all better from this will be to take a private home tution which will cost approx Rs.800/month which will be less them the school fee and many time better in quality as the home tutior will teach me only. This is not enough they are even charging activity fee which is approx 400 but there are no activities in school except a games period and they are also charging fees for the practicals which is approx Rs.600 and there are no quality equipments in the labs and students don't have freedom to do practicals at the time they want. and the last but not the least is ID card which costs Rs.50

Friends now a days these schools are not teaching the students nor spreading the knowledge they are only doing a business on the name of education on the basis of which they are robbing the parents.

Friends I think that the future of India is very dark as the thing which should be free of cost as it is in Arabian, American , European countries etc. is the most expensive thing in India to which many people can't afford it.

Friends if you find it interesting then please share it on Facebook, twitter etc so one day it reach to the principles, directors of schools and education minister of India.

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