Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Corruption in India

"Corruption in India" is not a small issue now a days it had become a very big problem. many citizens of India have to face a huge amount of problems due to corruption in India. And the problems which are occurring due to corruption in India can't be shortlisted as the list is very huge and it may be endless and some of the example of problems rising due to corruption in India are-pending government construction projects, Pathetic condition of roads, A huge amount of people under poverty line, The criminals are ruling the country and there are many more.
Corruption in India
Black Money
Actually we think that the only political leaders are corrupted but this is not true the roots of corruption in India had even reached to a common men in India and even a common men had come in the Influence of corruption in India. We are the only one who are not willing to pay fine to the traffic police when we break any traffic  rule and instead of paying fine what we are doing is not taking the "chaalan" receipt and paying police a little less amount then the amount which should be paid by us and this is not the only thing many of us use to apply our reach/Jack and we use to phone MLA's etc.
So we can say that the leaders are not the only one who are spreading the corruption In India.

We are the only one who are:-
  • Not taking a bill from the shop to reduce the amount of tax.
  • Not paying traffic police the proper fine.
  • Applying our Reach/Jack for performing various tasks.
  • Paying bribe for performing work faster.
  • neglecting the corruption in India.
  • Not paying full amount of income tax.
From above examples I need to say is if every Indian removes corruption From his/her life.
A huge amount of corruption in India will automatically eliminate.
India was not born corrupted we had made it a corrupted land so we can only remove corruption from India. Now a days we have become addicted of paying bribe and Bribe had become the part of our life style if you believe me then take a promise with your self of not paying bribe to anyone for a single day and when that day will end you will realize that we are the only one who are spreading the corruption in India.

Friends corruption is eating India as "the Termite eats the wood" Due to corruption India had become empty from inside as the real India is very different as it looks. Suppose if we talk about Mumbai or Delhi we say that both of these are Metro cities and have very high standard of living but on the other hand if we put our eyes on the footpath of such developed cities we see the reality that many of the population is not even getting proper food to eat then what is the development going on. Where does the money which government provides for the development of such people goes on the answer is in the lockers of our the Mediator officers who are having the duty of applying the money at right place for the development of people. Actually the problem is that the officers and leaders are performing one task and i.e... filling there lockers and pockets.

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  1. But the thing that you have mention above has become daily routine of taking bribe by the government people untill you give bribe to them they will not process your work.So how can we make change.
    Corruption in India

    1. "boond boond se hi gharda bharta hai" If only 50% of the Indians unite and we stop paying the bribe and start recording the secrate talks in which the government officers asks for bribe. as I generally do. So if he/she don't do our work without bribe then we can easily put his truth in front of all the India.

    2. Me 2 agree with u Bund bund se hi ghada bharta hai.
      We should not stop wighting with corrupiton.

  2. Nice written country ki haalat kharab hai

    1. Country ki haalat Kharab nahi bhaut bhaut kharab hai.

  3. one of the most biggest problem of India.

  4. Its really a very big problem.

  5. aaj kal corrupted logon ki sankhya kaafi bard gayi hai

    1. I think now a days.
      no. of Corrupted people>>>>no. of good people

    2. @Mitesh u r right.

  6. really a very big problem

    1. @ajay It is really very big and if we will not control this now then it will become more big.

  7. This is outrageous! I just learned of this practice today from my co-worker who is returning to India-and he sure wasn't exaggerating in what he told me. I just didn't know if this was currently the case, as he has been in the US for 10+ years. I'm thankful for all the rights and freedoms I take for granted!!

  8. Alas, ‘tis the time to file my tax let’s see if I can deduct the max.
    The Sales Tax officers are twiddling their thumbs, maybe this time I’ll throw them a few crumbs.
    Should I file myself or use the pros? With each passing moment my anxiety grows.
    Hours & end I work for Sonia, collecting taxes for her has given me lifelong insomnia.
    Sales tax was five, Vat 12.5 screwed the merchants in a small beehive
    Bills are bogus traders are chor, pay penalty this was a big shor
    octroi was 6 now LBT a big risk, funny they say business is brisk
    Trader journey full of potholes, octroi and excise full of loopholes
    Mumbai will be made Shanghai how can you believe in this mehangai
    Prithvi Ke Raja, Chauhan ka Baja LBT October se ye news hai Taja.
    Corruption is now official say the corporation, be prepared traders, need your cooperation.
    We are the pros we will check your bills CA’s and accountants just chill.
    Multiple taxing is the need, Traders are there to take a lead. Pay your taxes and do not lie we don’t care if you die.


    Kal Tak Muhabbat jatate the, ghar kyon nahi ate hon,
    aaj tane deto hon, ghar kyon rehte ho.

    Dadagiri Kam karon Sonia ko naman karo LBT ka bol bala hai or aaj se sare shehar mein tala hai.

    Vat bharne ka time hai, Octroi pe Trucko ki line hai.

    Maal sara pada hai, federation bandh pe ada hai.

    Sarkar sunti nahi Vyapari ki Ginti Nahi, Vyapari sare chor hai yeh chauhanji ka shor hai.

    Vat Bharo to LBT aisi hai Sarkar ki Niti.

    Barat lekar aayenge suna hai jail me lejaienge.

    Vyapari se kar lenge, Bangaliyon ko Ghar denge.

    Tax Sare, desh ko develop ke liyen hai, Sirf paise hi to politician ke envelope ke liye hai.

    144 dhara lagao, morcho ke bara bajao, vyapari ko reject karo, Ambani ko protect karo.

    Bill Sare Bogus illegal hai, interest or penalty legal hai.

    LBT sirf ek chota tax, Vyapari please relax.



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