Thursday, April 5, 2012

These are the government schools of India(Rajasthan)

Friends I visited Rajasthan recently and find some things which should be reach to the desk of Shri.Ashok Gehlot(Current chief minister of Rajasthan).

friends see these are the pic of a government school in India(Rajasthan).

Friends we people use to say that schools are the temples and Teachers are the priests of schools but have you ever seen such kind of temples.

Dirty environment

Are children able to study in such kind of schools? I don't think so as in such a dirty environment I don't think that the studies are possible.

No proper water supply

What is this how can someone survive without proper water in Rajasthan(its a desert) I found that the water taps were covered with green algae water there was highly contaminated. There was no water purification system for the students.

No teachers

What is this man a school without teachers I found that there were only students in the school no teacher arrive there at the time.

School or Public Toilet

Just behind the school wall people use to empty their tanks(do toilet) on the walls of the school. The yellow wall of the school had turned all blackish-green  due to the human urine.

Friends I don't think that the future of India is bright and how it can be bright in such conditions.


  1. I have also seen this school this school is in a very bad condition.

  2. bhaiyonn aakhir sarkaari hain.

  3. Just try to see the difference between a big private reputed school and this government school.This shows the uneven distribution of income in India.Someone kids are spending thousands of rupees in schools and someone kids don't have hundred bucks.We have to do something for this.

    1. I agree with you that there is a vest gap in distribution of income in India.
      But I think that the education in not a business it is the right of every citizen.
      government schools are not only in India they are in Kuwait,Dubai,America etc also but the the quality of Indian government schools and other country government schools are far apart.

  4. sarkaari school tabele jaisa hota hain.



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