Friday, April 20, 2012

In Indian schools students are only teached for gaining marks not knowledge.

We people go to school to increase our knowledge but what our teachers are teaching us i.e.. how to gain marks.

The motto of our schools is only how to get maximum marks in the papers no matter how  that is the only why students start cheating in the 5-6th classes when there is no load of studies.

The situations became more drastic in 10th , 11th and 12th classes when teachers start only focusing on topics which  are frequently asked in papers and don't tell the topics which are rarely asked and as there are very few schools which are having highly qualified teachers to teach the students of 11th and 12th classes and therefore students stop coming to school regularly and then also schools are blaming students only they are not noticing the mistakes which they are making. 

Many of the teachers don't have the proper explanation of topics which are there in the books they use to dictate the paragraphs from the books and tell students to write them in their notebooks. "Friends what is the need of copying lines from books" I had never understand this and when I use to oppose this and leave pen from my hand then teachers start giving lectures to me that are you more educated then us and bla bla bla.

Friends I am frustrated from the teaching system which my school is following therefore me and my friends have stopped going to school and started studying at home.


  1. my school too teaches only for gaining marks

  2. even schools have corrupted now a days.

  3. Kya hoga jis desh ke school tak bhrashtachar ke peerdit hain.

  4. scul ki halat bhi kharab hai



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