Sunday, April 22, 2012

If we become fool then this is our mistake only.

Hey friends this is the article on the habit of believing blindly on every one "Blind Faith (Andhvishwas)" .
I would like to tell that if we believe on someone then we are responsible for what wrong will happen with us.
as I have mentioned above that if we become fool then it is not the mistake of the individual who is making us fool it is the mistake of us only that despite of knowing that nothing will happen we use to practice the fake things.

For example-There are many fake "Babas" who use to make us fool but after knowing every thing that no one can see the future etc. we use to believe them. now I don't think that the individual who is making us fool is responsible hear we are only responsible.

I think that media is also responsible for such kind of things that's why only these people are running the shows in which a man use to tell Future, Good and bad things going to occur in the day etc. and on the other side when someone else use to do such kind of things the media starts proving fake to that person now friends what is this on one hand they are only increasing the influence of such kind of things and on other hand they are telling that "XYZ baba" is fake he had done this and that bal bal bal..


  1. Ya..
    if someone is making us fool then we should not blame someone else.

  2. people makes us fool and we become.

  3. humm. many of babas are making fool people now a days



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