Sunday, April 8, 2012

Doctors robbing the money of common people.

Once doctors we considered as the god on earth as he is the only one who can put life in a still body. but now a days a doctor is not only a doctor he is a business men also. Doctor today is not intrusted in saving a life he is more intrusted in running his business. Doctor today only need a thing which is called money. They are highly busy in earning money.

 Why is doctor not God today:-

Rs.200 consultant fee and valid for three days

What are these doctors doing already charging Rs.200 for the consult and only it is valid for 3 days. and when a patient comes for a treatment they say to them take these medicines  and come after 3 days not what is this why not on 3rd day.

Stealing the internal body organs of a patient

Recently many doctors were arrested and send to Jail for stealing internal body organs of the patients.

Taking contacts from medicine companies

Doctors use to take a huge amount of money from the Medicine producing companies for prescribing their medicines to the patients.

And there are many more reasons.

This post is not for hurting any individual's profession this is just an article which is putting light on the reality which is going in this field. 
Not at all targeted to the doctors who love their work and treating the patient is their only goal of life.


  1. but some doctors are good also.

    1. I am not saying that every doctor is a fraud there are many good one also.

  2. Doctoron please sudhar jaao.

  3. yaar aaj kal har koi ek dusre ko lutne main laga hai.

  4. Doctors should be really a doctor they should take care of patients rather taking care of fee.

  5. I understand your intention was not bad, but, why do you want to treat only at Private Hospitals, there are excellent Govt. hospitals, PHC, Medical Colleges, you need not pay anything as fees. There are lots of social factors which makes the fees Rs. 200 0r Rs 500, analysis them as a genuine patient. Doctors are still the same old good social being, yes, exceptions are a rule in any profession.

    You want to write on Health Care industry, write on Pharmaceutical Companies in India (big/medium/small). I can give you proofs that they are the leeches who like to suck human blood, for example:
    Atorvastatin 10 mg, a drug widely used for Cholesterol lowering agent, used for 3/6/10 or more months depending on patients blood results, the interesting part is, there are Companies charging (MRP) from Rs. 1.20 to Rs. 7.00. The company selling at Rs.1.20 is not a charitable organization but India leading players like Blue Cross or Mankind, they will sell only if its profitable. What is the profitability of majority of Pharma Companies with Rs. 5/6/7 as MRP??? You want more information buy the CIMS of this month and carefully scan through each Drug only MRP is quoted there...find out what is the manufacturing cost from Baddy, Himachal Pradesh - 100's of manufacturers in Excise free zone. There are Companies willing to manufacture it for Rs. 0.72. There is no issue with quality, because, many leading top 10 companies manufacture as third party from the same unit different brand names and different prices. Now, how do you sell the Brand at Rs. 6/7, its here, the entire gamut of unethical buying of Doctors for lakhs and crores begin here.

    Do your own investigation, and make it Viral. I am going to launch a company where the drugs will be most economical, but, phychology of patients or doctors or supply chain will be negative (no quality). I am prepared to place an MRP at Re. 1.00 with only Re. 0.50 profit.

  6. Some doctors are even animal in the skin of a Doctor.

  7. Friends doctor cannot be considered as a god in todays modern world.



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