Thursday, March 15, 2012

Robbery on the name of God.

Robbery on the name of God.

The Independent India is really Incredible India.
On one hand we say that we all are brothers and sisters and on other hand we are robbing each other on the name of God.
As an Indian I to know that we people are having great faith in God but this don't means this that we should take advantage of problems of each other.
In India there are many places which includes very old Temples, Kingdoms of Great Kings etc.. In which people have a belief of very high level and people travel from very far distances to visit these places.

Now a days the problem is that the people are looted on the name of God.
For example-
Shirdi, Nathdware, Mathura etc.. are very famous places on the name of God in India. And every day many people from different part of our country visits these places.
Now the thing I want to tell is what the hell is going on people are charging Rs.50 for a glass of milk by saying that the milk had come from Mathura where "Lord Krishna" was born. & I also found that there are 2 types of "Darshan" In Indian temples "VIP and Simple" the difference is that if you pay Rs.150 or Rs.150+ (varies from region to region) you will get VIP "darshan" which means you will get the "darshan" within 15 minutes and you would not have to face big crowds,Huge lines etc.. and in simple "darshan" you will not pay any charge but you have to stand in Huge lines, face big crowd etc.

Now what should we say to that?
This is only a business on the name of God.
and it can be also called robbery on the name of God.


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  2. Friends this is my experience of traveling in Temples of India.

  3. mandiroon main lootpaat bhi bhaut hain.

  4. is barbadi se to bhagwan bhi nahi bacha sakta hain

  5. Bhagwan bhi kya soch rahe honge ham insaanon ke baare main

  6. Hamara bas chale to ham bhagwan ko hi lutle.

  7. hmmmmmmmmmmm right recently visited India. really there is a big robbery on the name of god.



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