Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No place for good people in The Independent India

This is true there is no Place for "Good People in India".

everyone hear will be in a shock that what I am writing today after viewing the heading of the post.

Actually this post is about how we disrespect the great people in India who had even don't think about their life's only for the bright future of India.

As we people the citizens of India uses abusive words for the Great People of India who had sacrificed their whole life in the struggle of freedom.
Such as- abusive words like "bhardva, chor, Desh lutwa diya" etc words are used for the one of the most Great men born in India i.e.. Mahatama Gandhi , Chacha nehru etc.

My request from all the people The Independent India please don't abuse even the freedom fighters of our country we are breathing in freedom because of them only.

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  1. relly there is no place for good people in India.

  2. Innocent people can't survive in the today's world

  3. Acche logon ka jeewan kharab hain India ke andar.

  4. even our school is having the name KGP="Kill Good People"



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