Sunday, March 11, 2012

Difference between INDIA and JAPAN

This is the post which will highlight our laziness that how lazy, Work-robboers(kaamchor)we are.

This is the pic showing that how fast Japan had outcomed in few months from the earthquake who had destroyed some cities of Japan.

And hear comes the Image of roads of India

AS we can see what a major difference is there between India and Japan.

  • we are lazy they are energetic, ambitious, motivated
  • We are divided they are United.
  • We know how to fight with each other and they know how to unite with each other.
  • we hate our country and they love their country.
  • We have cartoons in the face of political leaders and they really have leaders.
  • We made things for 1 year and they make same thing for 10 years durabaility.
  • We think of quantity and they think of both quantity and quality.


  1. japan is really hardworking country.

  2. mast hai re
    nice collection dude

  3. we should really learn something from JAPAN

  4. Deepak yes bro I agree with you Indian gov should learn something form JAPAN

  5. Hamare ghar ke pass ek sarkari office hain.
    woh 10 saal se under construction hain.

  6. we should get inspired by Japaneses.

  7. reallly we are miles behind from Japan.

  8. Japanese people are very hardworking then us



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