Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why is reservation based on casts???


Our countries population is approx 120 crores in which there are infinite divisions major of which are ST/SC/OBC/General etc.. I don't understand what is the criteria for creating such kind of divisions based on casts this sort of divisions only create divisions in the country but theVIP's(hear politicians) with ultra gentle minds think that these sort of practices unites the country I think that their mind had went for eating grass.

some people use to say in favor of reservation that the ST's , SC's etc.. don't have enough money for educating their children but I don't think that this is true I am also in XI class and I have joined coaching for IIT-JEE and the fee of coaching is Rs.70,000/year and I have noticed that the majority of students in my coaching are ST/SC's so what is this they all belong to rich families , wear good clothes etc.. actually they are rich then many general students.

So I would just like to say that the reservation should not be on the basis of cast.

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