Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Dowry System in India

What had happen to the people of India now a  days what are people doing why are people becoming this much blind after money that they are just selling their children for just a little money. As I think there is no better fortune then the enjoyment of life many of the people neglect this thing and live their life as a hell why are we not happy in what we have Me to know that world cannot survive without the competition and every individual is having a dare to achieve something and he/she is Hankered behind it like a mad(such as-I am mad behind technology) but many of us are not after achieving success in our life but to achieve money in our life. We are not satisfied with the amount of money we have and for that we can even put our on someone other's fortune , money etc.

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  1. We have got much more serious problems like this in India. Have a look here:



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