Friday, February 24, 2012

Hunger The reality of the independent india

Hunger Hunger Hunger!!!!!!
Thee what is the the position of The Independent India we want to become the supreme power of the world but we can't serve food to all the population of country. What is this how we can even see the dream of becoming a supreme power if 40% of the total population of the country is not having the proper food to eat, 30% is not having clothes to wear and 50-60% don't have permanent residence.

The problem is not only government we are equally responsible for such crisis in our country. we even don't think before eating that how much we should take so it should not waste instead of it we use to take 5 chapaties , full bowl of pulses , extra vegetable , extra salad and etc.. but what we eat is only half of it and rest of the thing is thrown away in the dustbin. after doing it we don't think that the amount of food we have wasted is the one day meal of a poor person of a country such situations becomes more disgusting in parties  where every thing is open.

We don't thing that the amount of food we have wasted is also responsible for the rising of prices of food if we stop wasting the food then also we can control the price of food and then even a poor will be able to get the proper amount of food.

We think that if we stop wasting food then what would happen 50 gram of wheat can't fulfill the need of 40 crore people. The answer to this question is "boond-boond se hi gharda bharta hain" if 10 crore people don't waste 50 gram of wheat then the amount of wheat preserved is 10,00,00,000X50=5,00,00,00,000 grams=5,00,00,000 Kilo grams.

So friends I would like to request you that stop wasting the food your 50 gm of preservation can provide food to many people indirectly.



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