Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How we can Forget the Heroes of 1971!!

When a soldier leaves to fight the battle for his Country…he hopes the Nation will take care of his family he hopes the flag will adorn him if he falls but what about those who gave more than their lives to this country.what about those for whom the battle has been waging on from the past 40 years? For 40 years our very beloved soldiers with whose blood Bangladesh was ...carved out, have shrieked, wept and begged for help from their motherland but the entire nation has gone deaf to their screams, blind to their letters and soulless to their torture….
We won the war and we forgot the ones gave us Victory?

When Major Ashok Kumar Suri miraculously managed to pen down “we are 20 officers here… contact Indian Army” from a jail in Pakistan, he was confident his motherland will do everything to bring her son back… but the Major still must be languishing in the same jail still dreaming every night about his Watan, his Desh, his people…

Their families have not given up, they know their brother/father/husband is still alive is still waiting, it’s the Govt that has given up! For 54 POW does not seem to be much to gather attention…does not seem much to gather votes… their lives their trauma or their sacrifice can be ignored.

As a Nation how can we be so heartless… the men who saved us guarded us are somewhere across this border waiting every moment from the past 40 years for their countrymen to save them… their families cannot rest in peace they have been fighting and will continue to fight but it will take more to shake the Govt from its current stance…

A major part of the lives of these dear soldiers has gone wasted in Pak jails lets at least make sure they get to die on their motherland!

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