Sunday, February 19, 2012

Corruption in Schools

once corruption was only in Government offices, private institutions,police stations etc. But now a days corruption had spread its roots to schools also now the schools are not a temple of education (Gyan ka mandir) but schools had became the shops of poor quality education.

School today not concentrates on what it is teaching to the students but it is concentrating on how much it is earning. Every one in a school want's to sit and earn teachers don't want to teach students, principle don't want to run the school therefore students don't want to study. actually the reason for poor performance of students is not students but school and teachers. Most of the teachers don't teach in schools properly and force the students to join their personal private institutions and give grantee to pass them so the weak students join their institutions with the positive expections that they will improve but this is not the reality the reality is they even don't teach students properly at their institutions and when the exams are near the paper is alotted to the students so the students get A1 grade without any knowledge.

you may not believer this but this is only the reality of schools in India.
Corruption in schools is also increasing at a very high rate.

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