Saturday, January 21, 2012

India of the Dreams

In my dreams
Comes a India which was a golden bird
But now reality is somewhat absurd

In my dreams
Comes The India which was in the lap of culture and diversity
but , present in the trap of corruption and poverty

In my dreams
Comes The Indians with virtues of honesty,satisfaction and kindness
Unlike present, indulged in immoral things with full blindness

In my dreams
A India once famous as a land of snake charmers
But now a land of suicides of hardworking farmers

In my dreams
Comes The India with peaceful atmosphere and no fears
Conflicting today,Terriosts attacks accidents,wars,
The Eyes are full of tears

We heard “Dreams are dreams, they never come true”
But having Faith and confidence makes us them, through
Let us take a vow on this new year
To make India  ”An INCREDIBLE INDIA” in coming few years….

Poet-Gaurav Saxena

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