Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a heart breaking real story collected by me......,

its a heart breaking real story collected by me......,

in the below image..., a women went to collect pension money..,
but the govenment ignored to give pension to her..,
she begged and cryied out.., but they thrown her out side on the road.., she directly falls on big stone and died...,

but the two childrens they dont know that, her mother died..,
they crying for her mother...,

but you know that.., her pension is 200 rs per month....,
her life cost is 200 rs..., so is the life is cheaper than money...,

so friends..., i am begging & requesting you all.., dont waste ur money .., by unwanted partys.., start your new year with helping others..,
please share sum pocket money what you have in the new year....,
party may give happy for sum time..., but helping poor people in the new year gives year time happy..,

but sad to say that...,friends do u know that..., no media and no political leader came to them..., so plz ley ur hand and say that poor people.., we are with you...,

so i am ready to help with my full pocket money what i had now...,
can you also help my friend....???????

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