Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Goldern Bird

The Golden Bird tirelessly sings
A mesmerizing melody on strings
Her grieving heart hidden to strangers
Burdened with problems and dangers.

Of population, she is worried, but in vain
Her children not heeding have gone insane
Multiplying not in thousands but in millions
Only a matter of time to reach the zillions.

From pollution, she is suffocating for breath
Her children responsible for their own death
Depleting the environment with green gases
Fearfully hiding in their brittle glass houses.

By degradation, she is losing her natural beauties
Her children creating concrete jungles and cities
Letting their mother suffer in agony alarming
Causing natural calamities and global warming

From corruption, she is losing trust in mankind
Her children earning for money have maligned
The glorious history and respect it once earned
Only engraved in books as lessons to be learned

Where once people lived with joy and content
Now they struggle hard to survive the moment
Competition to succeed has become harder
Rich getting richer and poor getting poorer

Politics all throughout, our lives are ruining
Nobody knows where the nation is heading
Gone are days when they died for one another
Now, greed makes them kill their own mother

A brave heart, singing songs of unity in diversity
Amidst all the grave problems and animosity
Her name etched in history will never be blurred
In generations to follow as the Golden Bird.


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