Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Freedom from…

Poem against corruption in India

Freedom from soaring property prices,
common household stuffs like usual spices.
Freedom from an ever pricey gas and petrol,
just everything is going crazily out of control.

Freedom from the worse pot-holed highway,
never ending digs,opened manhole on your way.
Freedom from soaring house rents and security,
as brokers fleece you in total legitimacy.

Freedom from rush at the train stations,
taking a ride is another big tension.
Freedom from my tax going into corruption,
invest on infrastructure than on munitions.

Freedom from dirt, filth and no sanitation,
hygiene is a far cry for this generation.
Freedom from rash driving and out of lane,
its crazy, disappointing and very insane.

Freedom from all the betel nuts stains,
dirty walls at the end of the day remains.
Freedom from utter carelessness of my countrymen,
know that this is our home and not a filthy den.


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