Sunday, January 29, 2012


Poem on corruption in India

             “FISCAL FIASCO”
Income Tax, House Tax, Entertainment Tax,
Land Tax, Property Tax, Road Tax, Sales Tax,
Besides these Seven Taxes may be yet New Tax !
All these elments are to irk people and  vex !

 These are the imposed  burden for all of us,
 Salary and allowances earned thus face minus !
 People flounder to create extra income,
Commission and corruption are  its outcome !

Taxes, however, maintain the Exchequer,
Graceful Governance lavishly incur expenditure !
 Parliamentary perks are exuberantly high,
Nobody comes forward to interrogate why ?

Infructuous expenditure occurs in  security,
Only on so-called dignitary and celebrity !
 People in general remain always unsafe,
Facing robery, theft and unscrupulous rape !

Heads of the Nation who are called Patriotic,
Enjoy royalty  life-long even when walking with stick !
 One way, the clamour is to uproot poverty,
 All high quarters, enjoy wine-and-tea-party !

Nation seems helpless to maintain status quo,
Resultantly occurs always the fiscal fiasco !
 Poor public cannot snub, whatever may go,
All of us sustain, shall remain sustaining so !

Eclipsed is thus remaining the name of shame,
Fame of Dignitaries fractures its frame !
Actors, leaders, traders are very few patriotic, 
Graceless greed attracts them *hic et ubique !
*hic et ubique = here and everywhere.

 Poet-Ashwini Kumar Goswami.       

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