Saturday, January 21, 2012

Breathe-Free, My Nation

I can’t just lie, to see you die!
I can’t just laugh to see you cry!
I can’t forget the love you bestowed,
I can’t place your head, my mother, on a sword.

I can’t see you covered with corruption!
My fault is making you face conviction.
I will try to quench your thirst of progress,
Take you to the stars and clear all the mess.

You deserve to be beautiful than ever,
I can’t scratch you, Oh my saviour!
My heart cries to see so many contusions,
I will make you greener without any illusion.

You stand in the needy hour,
Amid a hurricane, you need some power.
If I go away too, it won’t be right.
I can’t leave you alone in this darkest night.

I too, like others tried to elope,
To go in heaven and place you to cope,
This unendurable hell, my mother,
We will kill the evils forever, together.

By- Vijesh Bhute

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