Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hate Racism not the Race

Humans were created a long time ago, lived in different diversities and gained skin colour according to that place gradually. We are evolving since beginning of time and it's still an Ongoing process, but with time people have also developed differences, mean mentality, illogical superstitions and what not.

Today we see 100's of Beauty cream ads to make our skin tone lighter and biggest celebs support these products and advertise about them for huge chunks of money. They show how immensely the skin tone improves by applying the cream in just few weeks with help of Photoshop and other editing software! Where as in real life rarely these creams change original skin tone of the people. Everyone is trying to make money out of the mentality of the people, they are selling us the products we don't need, its madness. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Be the change you want to see in the world

Normal people often underestimate themselves and those who initiate and know the power of Change, create history and become legends.

One such man was M.K. Gandhi. Yes, Father of Our Nation, he could have just followed the irrational rules stamped on Indians  in India and Blacks in Africa and could have adjusted like everyone else was in that time. Imagine our World if there was No Gandhi Ji. You couldn't imagine Independence without Gandhi Ji's struggle and if he was just as common as everyone else was, we would still be slaves to the English Rulers.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Terrorism seek no religion

They Say it Right "Smaller The Coffin, Heavier to Carry". This Time its Pakistan, the very own country which was blamed for Terrorist Attacks in India. Every Indian has prayed for the souls of the young children salvaged by the Ruthless Terrorists. Today We all stand up for the same cause and that is to eliminate terrorism.

One thing that is clear from this recent terrorist attack is, if the innocent and young aren't safe and are slaughtered like pigs, then Terrorists are simply enemies of Humanity, they are soulless creatures hungry for blood. Which god are they fighting for? As in every religion children are considered as the dearest of God.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ten Facts Every Indian Should Know About Our Black Money.

black money in india

1.  India currently Ranks 8th and is not so proudly sitting in  the top 10 developing countries who had illicit(forbidden by law) flow of money in foreign banks. Well for your info India has conducted outflow of about 123 billion dollars since 2001. 

2. The Currency of India will get a significant raise if we snatch our black money from the swiss bank. Government will purchase Gold from such huge amounts of retrieved money and finally rupees will be invited on the dinner with other currencies rather than doing dish washing for them. That also means cheap online shopping.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

India will lead the era of reverse Brain drain

Finally the Era has started in which World is considering India to emerge as the country with strongest Economy and development policies. Earlier the Brain Drain which made Top Indian engineers, doctors and scientists to leave the country and work in other parts of the world are coming back from THE DRAIN.

brain drain in india

What caused Brain Drain of our best Engineers and Doctors?

You will find it surprising but the professors of Deemed colleges encouraged the prospering students to pursue their careers in foreign countries by consistently ask them in which country they will be willing to work after graduation? "kyu bhaiya, khudka desh pasand nahi aata?"

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kejariwal congress Anna sabne milke kaata Dirty Indian politics exposed

No matter how smart you are, Indian politics will always surprise you.  Some political heroes(sarcastically) have a past which general public don't know about, their real intentions behind some decisions are always a mystery and will they sell the nation to MNC's and missionaries is just a matter of time.

You may have revolted against the government to Support Anna Hazare and all his annshan drama. Who wouldn't, Anna was a national hero at that time, a single call from him and Arvind Kejriwal and everyone would come on the streets to take a stand against the government.

In this Article I will expose the Real Master plan of Congress, Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal, who created a fake mass movement to misguide Indian educated class so that they can move public's attention from Black money's retrieval and also to show the nation a FAKE Lokpal so that when they will sell the Nation to MNCs and Missionaries no one would know about it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

$100 Billion Loss in 5 years: PIRACY hits hard on the gaming, music and movies industries

Before I tell you my boring definition of piracy, What do you think of it? Isn't it the most easiest way to access the latest entertainment?  Isn't it free and unlimited access to the movies and games we wish for? Before our next generation starts living in the world of pirates because everything to them seem free and easy, let's get to the real definition of piracy that is unauthorized production of someone's work. Yes piracy is an illegal act, was an illegal act and will remain an illegal act no matter what. It's not a free service or a digital world NGO  which is distributing the latest content without any charges. Digital world Pirates are stealing, making money and damaging economy.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Are we inviting porn to our country (India) ?

porn in india

We have scientists, we have engineers, we have actors, will our next generations will include adult movie actors as a profession? I might appear as the most stupid person to you right now, posting such nonsense topic over the Blog. Um but for once, shut down your critical windows and be logical.

The teenagers of our country are following the western culture like a drug in their lives, no matter how stupid the trend is, but it thrives under the name of Modernization of the cultures. From minor to major, everyone needs to know what's right and what's wrong because now we have come too far in taking things practical.

Most of the TEENS only see the brighter side of these modern addictions, wish they were able to see a brighter side in making their careers but still, teenagers are getting addicted to drugs, alcohols and even porn and they find nothing wrong in it, rather try to justify why they are right! This is actually what's Wrong! You cannot justify a murderer's killing just by explaining his feelings of disgust towards the person he killed. He committed a crime, he is in jail(at least in other countries if not in INDIA), sure shot punishment.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bapu The legend we should remember

The day was 2nd October 1869 when Putlibai gave birth to an extra ordinary boy who turned out as Father of the nation and we all remember the name as  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi  (Bapu).
Everyone has heard about the legacy that Gandhi ji carried forward, the movements he started to make people believe in Independence. He was not the Only one struggling for the Independence but he was surely the one who had maximum impact on the British powers than anyone else.
He learned from his past experience to fight against the huge governing powers and was a specialist on hitting the iron when it's hot.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today's News Channels - making fool of themselves for TRPs

Have you missed this week's Comedy nights with Kapil? No need to worry, just switch to the news channels, they will offer you better comedy than any other comedian and if you are specific then you can also watch repeat telecast of Kapil during the prime time of news channels. I am extremely proud of my country that we are allowing our media to telecast the fight of a dinosaur with Godzilla and just like weather prediction we predict the end of the earth every Sunday to Sunday. If you ask me personally, such sensitive content must be protected and should be locked into your own non sense mind before publishing it over your INTERNATIONAL network of media.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's the REAL DEAL with YOUTH and the IITs

Some terms have their own and customised definitions in India and here definition of Engineering is "Mera Baccha IIT karega". Most of the students in their high schools who are about to take science maths are aspired to pursue IITs as if it's a new trendy course in the market. If you are about to opt for science maths in your high school then oh boy, some national standard queries for which you should be prepared are "IIT karoge?", " Konse coaching jaoge?", " 8 ghante toh padhte hi hoge din ke?". Actually, when you opt science maths, you will have two possible outcomes, either you will end as IITian or You will be a Non- IITian. That's how generally parents think what engineering is all about.

Lets become a little statistical and see the whole picture of RECRUITMENT. Well, out of 6 lac students giving the JEE mains paper, 3 lac students are simply not interested in IITs and are just helping in generating funds for welfare of the government colleges, other 2 lac students give it a try and lastly 1 lac students fight to be among that small list of 10-15 thousand students. That is around 2.5 percent of students opting for IITs get the selection done and if you think the filtration stops here, ahem not all branches of IITs are considered of same level hence if you are in TOP 1000, then you are safe to choose the fields you want to opt in certain IITs. So MASSIVE(ironically) 0.1 percent of students become IITians with leisure to have the option to choose what kind of engineer they wanted to be, rest of the students lose interest by getting forced into courses just for the sake to study in a IIT.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Genius children need platform

Today Indian TV channels have moved far ahead from providing just entertainment in forms of daily soaps. Now TV channels are not merely about argument between "saas and bahu". These have turned into platforms of stardom, money and popularity. TV channels play key role in making an individuals dream come true. All these are possible because of the number of reality shows.

Today while surfing through the schedules and list of shows in channel one can easily find at least one reality show in any channel. Today nascent singers in our country have Indian idol as a great platform, dancers have dance India dance and even the people who fascinate the field of cooking have shows like master chef. But one thing we find common in all these shows is contestants speaking about lack of support shown by their parents as they want their child to concentrate on studies as they believe study is something which will help their child earn his or her living. They want their child to become either an engineer or a doctor. Engineering in India has become a guarantee source of income. Even before the conclusion of engineering one has job in his hand. But the fact of this matter is with the increasing number of colleges and competition,  the quality of education and number of intelligent and innovative students has gone down significantly. Students of today’s generation do not pledge to do something new in the field of science and technology. They dream of getting jobs in foreign countries and use their brain for the development of foreign nation. They do not care about excellence and study only that much which will help them get into the college.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Indian private colleges spending money on advertisements insted of spending it on students

Disclaimer- Here I am not talking about the private colleges like BITS, VIT,Thapar University. And I am not against the publicity of colleges via advertisements the thing I am against is that if you are using 5% of your gross budget on advertising and the college is having everything fine then its okay but when you are spending half of your budget on advertising and your college is not according to the standards the fee you are charging then it is injustice with the students studying in your college.
As we all know that opening a private college in India isn't a very big deal as there isn't any base standard practically existing for colleges and universities in India. The thing you actually need to open a college in India is a piece of land and money to bribe government officials.

We all know that the education standards and placements of private colleges don't even touch the education standard and placements of government colleges and one big reason for this is that generally private colleges and schools are opened for earning money the people who are opening schools and colleges are generally having a vision of establishing a money making machine ("note chaapne ki machine") because in the business of education there is not a chance that the school will not get admissions because India is not having a small population.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

‘Fruits’ and ‘Petals’ in Easy Savitri not a sexual embroidery

A reader may find the metaphor of ‘petal’ and ‘fruit’ for female and male organs in Easy Savitri mere sexual embroidery. But I have reasons to stick to my guns.  India today is as much a country of rapists as of saints.  No offence to those who love India. In fact I am one among the front liners.  I only differ with my compatriots on the issue of ‘empathetic respect’ towards woman.  Agree or not, this ornamental reverence makes her the object of desecration for the willful vile.

The deification of woman is a stimulating factor for the villain among us. For ‘ the petals’ and ‘ the fruits’ to bloom, sexual assault on women or rape as we blabber it, needs to be buried forever like rotten leaves in the garden of Adam and Eve. And I strongly believe; for anything to happen in life, it must happen in the story first.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Homosexuals : we too are humans

Why homosexuality a crime
Why homosexuality a crime
All the time we hear people and politicians and artists and writer talking about “LOVE”. From the common people living in slum to high class people living in their mansion talk about love and believe in it and do fall in love. But what happens to them when they hear about a boy loving a boy or a girl being into a girl? Why does their reaction differ so much? Why does their perception about love changes? What is there that makes their thinking about that person change? The fault is in the thinking of the people. The way they see things and the way they make the society.  We live in a society where homosexuality is seen as a sin. It’s considered a crime just because some rules say that and some high class people follow them.  We don’t bother to think and out up our point, we rather follow the crowd blindly.

Gays and lesbians are also humans. They are also born from a woman’s womb. They also have two legs, two hands and one head. They also worship the same god. They also wear the same clothes and eat the same food. They also have a heart which beats. They also get hurt. They also have sentiments which get hurt. Then why are they treated so differently and looked at as if they are from some different planet.  In our society and country a rapist or a murder or a thief can walk with proud and no one will pass a comment or give him looks but if a guy is holding the hand of other guy or is wearing pink or has a girly walk then he will be scanned by others, people will whisper about them, pass comments and make it hard for them to walk in the public place.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rahul Gandhi could be imprisoned for 3 months

Rahul Gandhi near EVM
Rahul Gandhi near EVM
According to the rules of Election commission of India no candidate can even enter inside the voting room but our young congress candidate with hot blood had not only entered the voting room but he was sitting near the EVM's where the voters should be alone and are having full privacy regarding there vote.

The incidents had taken place not only at a single place Rahul Gandhi was found breaking Election commission rules at two polling booths one is Asthabhuja school , kura and second one is a High school at Phura. And he was found very near to the EVM (Electronic voting machine).Aam aadmi party (AAP) had also raised questions from Election commission of India regarding this incidence and even said this that "If any other candidate had done this that till now it would had become a very big issue".

Friday, May 9, 2014

Why Indian films are not having Hollywood standards

we often complaint about Bollywood (Indian film Industry) that Indian films are not having any standard or our film Industry is making a huge amount of films but the quality of films is zero but indirectly we people are only responsible for this before blaming Bollywood had you ever asked from your self that are you paying for what you are watching. Out of number of movies you had watched for how many of them had you paid by either visiting cinema hall for watching movie or by buying it from any genuine source such as Play Store,Itunes etc. The answer for 90% + people would be why should we buy a movie if we can watch it for free on Internet actually the thing is that the people don't consider software,music and multimedia content piracy as a crime or theft they even feel it good because they get entertainment for free.

Man shedding super hot Kheer (Rice pudding) on small chlidren

Man shedding kher on small children
Man shedding kher on small children
As I had already covered a post about some inhuman rituals followed in India and I recently found this one which is a super inhuman activity taken place at Varanasi.

A man in Varanasi claimed that he can treat diseases in small children by his practices and what treatment he is giving to the children is that he is shedding very hot "Kheer" with boiling milk on then which can even give serious burns and injuries to adults but this man is making small children bath with very hot kheer. And the shocking truth about all this is that the parents of these children are bringing there children to him for giving there children this treatment.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Students cheat because our education system values marks more than morals!

Indian students cheating in exams
This is the bitter truth of the current Education system present in India. As in our education systems the thing matters the most is the "marks" the genuineness of the marks is no more valid the thing only valid is 90%+ on mark-sheet.And the strange thing about all this is that all this is happening in the country where the birth of people like "Mahatma Gandhi" take place The man who had  not cheated in his exam even his teacher asked him to cheat.But the condition of current India is totally opposite the students are cheating and we would have to accept this bitter truth and the #1 reason for this situation is that our education system values marks more then the morals.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Government buying the voters indirectly

Buying the voters is nothing new when it comes to India the largest democracy in the world. Previously the politicians use to buy the voters or votes by paying them money or by making them fool buy any other means and in same manner the illiterates were made fool by giving them money ,paying there dept etc but now a days a new method of making voters fool and buying there votes indirectly had arrived i.e...., by giving unwanted subsidies, unwanted schemes like free water and reduced price of electricity etc there are many things more to discuss.

Don't take me in a wrong manner I am not against the poor people residing in India they are also our brothers and sisters and this is our responsibility to take care of every such Indian.I am not against the policies that the government of India makes for the betterment of such people but the thing I am against is the manner of distribution of services,subsidies and relaxations.
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