Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today's News Channels - making fool of themselves for TRPs

Have you missed this week's Comedy nights with Kapil? No need to worry, just switch to the news channels, they will offer you better comedy than any other comedian and if you are specific then you can also watch repeat telecast of Kapil during the prime time of news channels. I am extremely proud of my country that we are allowing our media to telecast the fight of a dinosaur with Godzilla and just like weather prediction we predict the end of the earth every Sunday to Sunday. If you ask me personally, such sensitive content must be protected and should be locked into your own non sense mind before publishing it over your INTERNATIONAL network of media.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

What's the REAL DEAL with YOUTH and the IITs

Some terms have their own and customised definitions in India and here definition of Engineering is "Mera Baccha IIT karega". Most of the students in their high schools who are about to take science maths are aspired to pursue IITs as if it's a new trendy course in the market. If you are about to opt for science maths in your high school then oh boy, some national standard queries for which you should be prepared are "IIT karoge?", " Konse coaching jaoge?", " 8 ghante toh padhte hi hoge din ke?". Actually, when you opt science maths, you will have two possible outcomes, either you will end as IITian or You will be a Non- IITian. That's how generally parents think what engineering is all about.

Lets become a little statistical and see the whole picture of RECRUITMENT. Well, out of 6 lac students giving the JEE mains paper, 3 lac students are simply not interested in IITs and are just helping in generating funds for welfare of the government colleges, other 2 lac students give it a try and lastly 1 lac students fight to be among that small list of 10-15 thousand students. That is around 2.5 percent of students opting for IITs get the selection done and if you think the filtration stops here, ahem not all branches of IITs are considered of same level hence if you are in TOP 1000, then you are safe to choose the fields you want to opt in certain IITs. So MASSIVE(ironically) 0.1 percent of students become IITians with leisure to have the option to choose what kind of engineer they wanted to be, rest of the students lose interest by getting forced into courses just for the sake to study in a IIT.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Genius children need platform

Today Indian TV channels have moved far ahead from providing just entertainment in forms of daily soaps. Now TV channels are not merely about argument between "saas and bahu". These have turned into platforms of stardom, money and popularity. TV channels play key role in making an individuals dream come true. All these are possible because of the number of reality shows.

Today while surfing through the schedules and list of shows in channel one can easily find at least one reality show in any channel. Today nascent singers in our country have Indian idol as a great platform, dancers have dance India dance and even the people who fascinate the field of cooking have shows like master chef. But one thing we find common in all these shows is contestants speaking about lack of support shown by their parents as they want their child to concentrate on studies as they believe study is something which will help their child earn his or her living. They want their child to become either an engineer or a doctor. Engineering in India has become a guarantee source of income. Even before the conclusion of engineering one has job in his hand. But the fact of this matter is with the increasing number of colleges and competition,  the quality of education and number of intelligent and innovative students has gone down significantly. Students of today’s generation do not pledge to do something new in the field of science and technology. They dream of getting jobs in foreign countries and use their brain for the development of foreign nation. They do not care about excellence and study only that much which will help them get into the college.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Indian private colleges spending money on advertisements insted of spending it on students

Disclaimer- Here I am not talking about the private colleges like BITS, VIT,Thapar University. And I am not against the publicity of colleges via advertisements the thing I am against is that if you are using 5% of your gross budget on advertising and the college is having everything fine then its okay but when you are spending half of your budget on advertising and your college is not according to the standards the fee you are charging then it is injustice with the students studying in your college.
As we all know that opening a private college in India isn't a very big deal as there isn't any base standard practically existing for colleges and universities in India. The thing you actually need to open a college in India is a piece of land and money to bribe government officials.

We all know that the education standards and placements of private colleges don't even touch the education standard and placements of government colleges and one big reason for this is that generally private colleges and schools are opened for earning money the people who are opening schools and colleges are generally having a vision of establishing a money making machine ("note chaapne ki machine") because in the business of education there is not a chance that the school will not get admissions because India is not having a small population.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

‘Fruits’ and ‘Petals’ in Easy Savitri not a sexual embroidery

A reader may find the metaphor of ‘petal’ and ‘fruit’ for female and male organs in Easy Savitri mere sexual embroidery. But I have reasons to stick to my guns.  India today is as much a country of rapists as of saints.  No offence to those who love India. In fact I am one among the front liners.  I only differ with my compatriots on the issue of ‘empathetic respect’ towards woman.  Agree or not, this ornamental reverence makes her the object of desecration for the willful vile.

The deification of woman is a stimulating factor for the villain among us. For ‘ the petals’ and ‘ the fruits’ to bloom, sexual assault on women or rape as we blabber it, needs to be buried forever like rotten leaves in the garden of Adam and Eve. And I strongly believe; for anything to happen in life, it must happen in the story first.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Homosexuals : we too are humans

Why homosexuality a crime
Why homosexuality a crime
All the time we hear people and politicians and artists and writer talking about “LOVE”. From the common people living in slum to high class people living in their mansion talk about love and believe in it and do fall in love. But what happens to them when they hear about a boy loving a boy or a girl being into a girl? Why does their reaction differ so much? Why does their perception about love changes? What is there that makes their thinking about that person change? The fault is in the thinking of the people. The way they see things and the way they make the society.  We live in a society where homosexuality is seen as a sin. It’s considered a crime just because some rules say that and some high class people follow them.  We don’t bother to think and out up our point, we rather follow the crowd blindly.

Gays and lesbians are also humans. They are also born from a woman’s womb. They also have two legs, two hands and one head. They also worship the same god. They also wear the same clothes and eat the same food. They also have a heart which beats. They also get hurt. They also have sentiments which get hurt. Then why are they treated so differently and looked at as if they are from some different planet.  In our society and country a rapist or a murder or a thief can walk with proud and no one will pass a comment or give him looks but if a guy is holding the hand of other guy or is wearing pink or has a girly walk then he will be scanned by others, people will whisper about them, pass comments and make it hard for them to walk in the public place.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rahul Gandhi could be imprisoned for 3 months

Rahul Gandhi near EVM
Rahul Gandhi near EVM
According to the rules of Election commission of India no candidate can even enter inside the voting room but our young congress candidate with hot blood had not only entered the voting room but he was sitting near the EVM's where the voters should be alone and are having full privacy regarding there vote.

The incidents had taken place not only at a single place Rahul Gandhi was found breaking Election commission rules at two polling booths one is Asthabhuja school , kura and second one is a High school at Phura. And he was found very near to the EVM (Electronic voting machine).Aam aadmi party (AAP) had also raised questions from Election commission of India regarding this incidence and even said this that "If any other candidate had done this that till now it would had become a very big issue".

Friday, May 9, 2014

Why Indian films are not having Hollywood standards

we often complaint about Bollywood (Indian film Industry) that Indian films are not having any standard or our film Industry is making a huge amount of films but the quality of films is zero but indirectly we people are only responsible for this before blaming Bollywood had you ever asked from your self that are you paying for what you are watching. Out of number of movies you had watched for how many of them had you paid by either visiting cinema hall for watching movie or by buying it from any genuine source such as Play Store,Itunes etc. The answer for 90% + people would be why should we buy a movie if we can watch it for free on Internet actually the thing is that the people don't consider software,music and multimedia content piracy as a crime or theft they even feel it good because they get entertainment for free.

Man shedding super hot Kheer (Rice pudding) on small chlidren

Man shedding kher on small children
Man shedding kher on small children
As I had already covered a post about some inhuman rituals followed in India and I recently found this one which is a super inhuman activity taken place at Varanasi.

A man in Varanasi claimed that he can treat diseases in small children by his practices and what treatment he is giving to the children is that he is shedding very hot "Kheer" with boiling milk on then which can even give serious burns and injuries to adults but this man is making small children bath with very hot kheer. And the shocking truth about all this is that the parents of these children are bringing there children to him for giving there children this treatment.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Students cheat because our education system values marks more than morals!

Indian students cheating in exams
This is the bitter truth of the current Education system present in India. As in our education systems the thing matters the most is the "marks" the genuineness of the marks is no more valid the thing only valid is 90%+ on mark-sheet.And the strange thing about all this is that all this is happening in the country where the birth of people like "Mahatma Gandhi" take place The man who had  not cheated in his exam even his teacher asked him to cheat.But the condition of current India is totally opposite the students are cheating and we would have to accept this bitter truth and the #1 reason for this situation is that our education system values marks more then the morals.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Government buying the voters indirectly

Buying the voters is nothing new when it comes to India the largest democracy in the world. Previously the politicians use to buy the voters or votes by paying them money or by making them fool buy any other means and in same manner the illiterates were made fool by giving them money ,paying there dept etc but now a days a new method of making voters fool and buying there votes indirectly had arrived i.e...., by giving unwanted subsidies, unwanted schemes like free water and reduced price of electricity etc there are many things more to discuss.

Don't take me in a wrong manner I am not against the poor people residing in India they are also our brothers and sisters and this is our responsibility to take care of every such Indian.I am not against the policies that the government of India makes for the betterment of such people but the thing I am against is the manner of distribution of services,subsidies and relaxations.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good nursery education needs a lot of money.. Really?

There is something interesting happening in Delhi which relates to our toddlers. The news is that on the issue of nursery admissions Delhi government and School management are at loggerheads. Sometimes in Dec 2013 Delhi government announced new guidelines for nursery admissions. And ever since TV debates, court petitions are happening and parents are waiting for the final outcome.

In short the issue is that the school management is not happy with the abolishing ofmanagement quota and excessive weightage given to local factor. I have gone through many such news reports but could not find clearly understand why? What I sense is this - these two guidelines take away advantages which some of the premium, private and unaided schools have so far enjoyed. In plain terms they will not be able to make as much money as they used to before.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Can the real issue please stand up?

The whole country heaved a sigh of relief yesterday when Arvind Kejriwal decided to call of the so-called dharna. Everybody had feared that something ominous is about to happen with two constituitional authorities moving on the clash path. Even now, when it has ended the debate will continue whether it was right or wrong and I doubt if there will be a clear answer coming in public debates.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 5 ways to utilise time in a super boring lecture

Disclaimer-This post is only for the teachers who are super boring and because of them the super interesting field of Engineering become boring only & only because of them. not at all dedicated to good teachers. I too respect truly some of my teachers.
As an engineering student I can understand the pain of the engineering students which we feel when we have to attend many super boring lectures to complete the target to complete the 75% attendance. I personally have dot 75% attendance in some subjects because me too is a human being and humans can't bare those lectures
utilise time in a super boring lecture
Condition in a super boring lecture

#1-Complete your assignments in lectures

My personal favorite and according to me the best way to utilize the time in such lectures  just complete your assignments which you get as a return gift after attending a super boring lecture.If you are one who use to copy the assignments the boring lecture could be best place for you as all your classmates are near and you can borrow assignment from any one sitting next to you. but if you are one who use to complete the assignments genuine then also a boring lecture is a good place for utilizing time because you can complete your assignment here and you can think properly as you have plenty of time here to think.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Indian Engineering colleges just focused on good attendance insted of awesome faculties laboratories and workshops

Disclaimer-This post is only for the teachers who are super boring and because of them the super interesting field of Engineering become boring only & only because of them. not at all dedicated to good teachers. I too respect truly some of my teachers.

The biggest burden on an Engineering student-75% attendance in all the subjects. What is this, why are teachers & Engineering colleges focused on attendance instead of providing proper environment to the students to develop i.e.. why not focused on increasing practical skills of students by introducing more and more workshops in the colleges.

I had even found that many colleges even don't have proper connectivity as I found that many colleges are not having WiFi connectivity in their campuses and some of then just make it available at the receptions. What is this in 21st century internet connectivity on the go is very important thing.Then why don't just improve the college before improving the attendance record of the student.

Why are teachers focused on the attendances why they just spread their knowledge to the students.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

people sharted shouting modi modi as rahul gandhi entered wankhade stadium

Modi Modi chant when Rahul Gandhi entered the Wankhade stadium for viewing the last match of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

This is an exclusive coverage from the famous Wankhade stadium from the very famous match i.e.., last match of god of cricket "SACHIN TENDULKAR".

On the last match of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar Mr.Rahul Gandhi also visited to see his last match but he would had never ever thaught of the mirachle that had taken placed with him when he visited the Wankhade stadium for watching the last match of master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

Click Here to check for more details.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

keep quite one stopping other from speaking

Most of the people in India already don't speak what so ever goes on. &
The people who use to speak and raise questions are stopped by the others man please if you can't speak then let others speak. as here this cartoon itself explains that the boss stopping the reporter from asking the questions.
"Agar aise hi chalta raha to ho gaya bharat nirmaan."

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Transparency not suitable for Indian politics

Transparency not suitable for Indian politics
Transparency not suitable for Indian politics

Transparency not at all suitable for the Indian politics as in reality and practically none of the party wants the transparency as it can be prooven really very dangerous for the particular party and severl members. I actually think a lot that why these parties are not transparent and what could be the reason behind for doing so and as far as I think is that the #1 reason for such activities is the "Bad charachter" of the majority of politicians of India as no one will ever hide if his/her charachter is good. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Crowd getting paid for attending rallies

fake crowd by congress paid for attending congress rallies
fake crowd by congress paid for attending congress rallies

As crowd is a very important part of rally so it is a very important necessity of a rally to have a huge amount of crowd as if there would be no crowd that how will these show that there are even the fans of these people also. As every one knows that the congress with madam Sonia cannot generate such a big crowd as NAMO(Narendra modi) can generate so they are doing this is reality as no one can believe that the congress can generate even the crowd that can full fill a small stadium organically and all this is because of the work which congress had done till date.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Why this racism still alive

remove racism from india
This post is very strictly against a very inappropriate thing which is even today also alive in India and that too also at a good level and i.e.. "Racism". We people say that we all Indians are united but I don't think that this thing is true as when I see that the one who cleans the roads or clean the surrounding are not even allowed to enter in the houses and when I see that the Untouchability is even followed today as the one who is working in the home as a servant is not allowed to drink the water from same bottle from which all other members of the house drink.

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